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The Hunger Games is the Tri-Wizard tournament

I was watching Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (the fourth installment of the Harry Potter series) the other night when I had a realisation: The Hunger Games bears a striking resemblance to the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Now, if you haven't read/watched either of these, and don't think highly of major plot spoilers, I advise that you don't read on! 
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire was released (July 8 2000)  a little over 8 years prior to The Hunger Games (novels). There are various similarities between both of the competitions in these stories, and I have compiled a list of the more obvious and subtle ones.
  • Both games are primarily for entertainment , this shows that both the Wizarding and future American Society do not have a problem with putting the lives of underaged children in danger for the purpose of entertainment. The Tri-Wizard tournament is supposed to be a competition to bring together different schools and forge new friendships, surely there are easier ways to do this (student exchange programme anyone?).
  • The names for those who will be competing are drawn out of a bowl shaped object/cup with the names written on a small piece of paper, granted the 'fish bowl' in The Hunger Games doesn't look like it's constantly breathing blue fire.

The Goblet of Fire

    The Reaping
    • Once you have become a contestant (though people can volunteer in your place in  The Hunger Games) you cannot back out, you are obliged to take part. Either Snow will kill your family or the Tri-Wizard magical binding will have some sort of supernatural consequences (that aren't specifically stated but I presume it'd be death, much like the unbreakable vow).
    • In both of these tournaments, you win a prize, which the winners decided to give away. In the Hungers Games, it is food and fame, since the people of the districts are quite poor, some volunteer in order to gain a better life for their family. Peeta offers his and Katniss' money up to some of the fallen tributes parents. In Harry Potter, the prize is 1000 galleons (which equates to about £4979.99) and eternal glory. Harry gives all of his money to Fred and George to kick start their joke shop (Weasleys WizardsWheezes).
    • At some point the contestants are dressed up and paraded around, in The Hunger Games this is in the form of standing in chariots and setting yourself on fire. In Harry Potter, there is the Yule Ball, which is primarily a dance, takes place after the first challenge, at least Katniss doesn't have to dance with a teacher.
    • In order to complete the challenges/survive, a type of puzzle has to be solved. In Collins' imagination this is an arena acting as clock that brings new terrors at every hour. For Harry and his competitors, they blindly walk into every trial, unless someone spills the beans or they have the common sense to submerge a golden egg in water. Ever bathed with a ghost? Harry has. 
    (Did you know Moaning Myrtle is played by a 40 year old woman?).
    • In some form or another all of the contestants have mentors, Harry has Mad-eye/ crazy David Tennant, Peeta and Katniss have Effy and Haymitch. Two of whom are percepted as 'drunks', Haymitch is more obvious whereas the students suspect that what Mad-eye is drinking is alcoholic but is later revealed to be Polyjuice Potion (lucky he didn't turn into a cat).
    • Some of the contestants received help in the competition. Katniss receives magic cream from a sponsor and Harry has the help of Mad-Eye and Neville when obtaining the Gillyweed which will allow him to breathe under water. 
    Neville was convinced that he'd murdered the chosen one.
    • Unfortunately for the kids, they are all set up against terrible creatures, for district 12 it's savage dogs and man-eating monkeys, and for the Tri-Wizard tournament, it's everything from Dragons, to mermaids and even Acromantula's (Aragog ity?).
    • Both main characters lose someone to the competition. Rowling evilly kills off Cedric right at the end when you think it's all over, and after everything Rue did for Katniss Collins leads her to an untimely death at the hands of an arrow. They watched their friends die, which is truly dreadful, both authors have definitely grasped the element of surprise, and have done so exceedingly well.  It would be naive of us to think that all of our favourite characters would come out unscathed.
    Peeta's painting of Rue in Catching Fire.
    • The most significant similarity in my opinion is that both technically have two victors. In the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta threatened to eat poison berries which would've left the games absent of a victor, Seneca let them both live. In Harry Potter, this arose by he and Cedric grabbing the cup at the same time, refusing for just one of them to be champion, unbeknownst to them that it would lead them to a graveyard. If it wasn't a port key there would have been two champions, as Cedric wouldn't have been murdered by Wormtail.
    • Lastly, both of these essentially lead to a war. The berries charade causes an uprising against Snow which leads to them storming the Capitol and taking over - it's a war. Whereas, in Harry Potter, if he hadn't grabbed the cup, he wouldn't have been taken to the graveyard, Voldemort wouldn't have rose again, and the final battle would never had occurred. So these events basically created ripples that lead to a war of some kind.

    The only major main difference I came across (apart from one being magical and the other not) is that in one you are forced and the other you choose to partake. Both of the main characters didn't have a choice in the matter. Katniss volunteered to save Prim, whereas all of the other tributes were forced to take part. Harry was unknowingly entered into the competition, so he was forced into it when the other three had chosen to enter, this made Dumbledore quite the hot head, as opposed to the calm reaction that is described in the book.

    I love both of these movie's and I am in no way saying that Suzanne stole this idea from Harry Potter, but that great minds think alike, (maybe they could collaborate?) The Goblet of Fire, is a movie I have watched an uncountable amount of times, and I can't believe I'd never noticed this before. I hope someone else see's these similarities and I'm not going mad (though that is a likely conclusion) but I don't think I'll ever be able to watch one of these again without recognising all of these similarities.
    I've gotta say, my favourite scene from The Goblet Of Fire is definitely where Draco gets turned into a ferret.

    P.S does anyone else think that Snow looks a little like Dumbledore?

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