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16 Of The Biggest Game Of Thrones Deaths

Game Of Thrones is well known for killing off a whole host of characters, in the most gruesome and entertaining of ways, here are the 16 biggest and most shocking deaths of the last 5 seasons.
(P.S this will contain spoilers)

1. Eddard (Ned) Stark
Ned Stark was ordered beheaded by King Geoffrey, after promising mercy, at the end of season one, Sansa was forced to watch her own fathers demise, this one death plummeted Westeros into war. 

2. Joffrey Baratheon
This is the most satisfying TV death ever, of possibly the most hated TV character, though I did feel bad for Cersei, but god did he have it coming for him. He was poisoned at his own wedding, marrying Margaery Tyrell, at the beginning of season 4, a plan concocted by Littlefinger. Tyrion and Sansa were prime suspects.

3. Prince Oberyn Martell
Fighting in a trial by combat for Tyrion Lannister, he had his skull crushed by The Mountain towards the end of season 4.

4. Myrcella
Having just been permitted to leave Dorne with her fiancé and Jamie, Myrcella succumbed to death at the hands of a slow acting poison, in the last episode of season 5, having just officially found out that her Uncle is her Dad, will Westeros go to war with Dorne?

5. Tywin Lannister
This was also a very satisfying death, he was shot with an arrow by his son, Tyrion, whom he had recently condemned to death, he died on the toilet at the end of season 4, a very fitting death for an evil man.

6. Rhaego
After having just lost Khal Drogo and tried to save him using blood magic, Dany found out that her son would be sacrificed for trying to save Drogo's life, this was in the first season. In a 'vision' she saw them again, and Drogo said, "If this is a dream, I will kill the man who wakes me."

7. Catelyn, Robb and Talisa stark
Newly wed and having just found out that they were having a child, Talisa was repetedly stabbed in the stomach and Robb swiftly followed her into the afterlife, (Season 3) Robb lost the war for want of a prettier wife. Catelyn watched her son, unborn grandson and daughter in law die seconds before she did.

8. Ygritte
This was the saddest death for me, she died in Jon Snow's arms (which would be a lovely way to go), I was really rooting for her and Jon. (Season 4)

9. Lysa Arynn
It was quite shocking when Petyr pushed her out of the moon door, he looked extremely pleased with himself, but she was a very evil woman, constantly threatening poor Sansa. (Season 4)

10. Jojen Reed
I love Thomas Brody Sangster, and when his character died I was mortified, he had helped Bran&Co reach the three eyed raven, and knew he was going to die, but still helped them, he was a very lovely character, (last episode of season 4).

11. The Hound
In season 5 he is beaten in combat by Brienne over who gets to keep Arya safe, we never see The Hound actually draw his last breath but when Arya leaves him he is very close to death, will he make a return in season 6?
Reminder: Arya shows no mercy

12. Shireen
This was one of the most brutal deaths, Selyse committed suicide the night she saw her daughter burned at the stake, in the penultimate episode of season 5. Why would a father allow his daughter to die in hope it put him in favour of the gods and help him win the war??

13. Stannis?
We don't see Brienne actually kill him in the last episode of season 5, but by god if he's dead will I be relieved

14. Myranda

15. Meryn Trant
Shame it cost Arya her sight to kill a man on her 'kill list' (season 5)

16. Jon Snow
The most shocking 'death' of them all (but is he really dead?), there's a whole host of rumours flying around the internet, I'm supporting the ones that deem him still living, this is the cliffhanger that the last episode of season 5 left us on.

I'm sure season 6 will bring us a lot more death and war, and honestly, the person I hope to see dead next is Ramsay Bolton, what an ass.

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  1. I'm personally still convinced that Jon Snow is alive. So excited for the new season!


    1. I really hope he is! They can't kill off the main character right? Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) was seen on set for season six in full costume with Emilia Clarke (Danaerys Targaryen), I wonder if Drogo comes back?


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