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Season 6 Is Coming

10 Things We Can Expect From The Newest Season Of Game Of Thrones (April 24th)

Watch the full trailer HERE.

1.Bran Can Walk...?

...And he meets the white walker King, maybe this is all just a vision I doubt he'd suddenly regain use of his limbs, but if not, what is going on right now??

2. Sansa Is Alive

After taking a literal leap of faith with Theon/Reek (whichever he's going by these days) she is seen alive sporting a fur black coat (bearing a striking resemblance to her deceased mother, Catelyn), will she run into Littlefinger again?

3. Dany Has Some New Friends (She's Gone Full Circle)

Last time we saw our Kahleesi she was dragon-less and being surrounded by an army of dothraki men on horses, have we gone back to season one? She took off at the end of season 5 with Drogon leaving her people in the hands of Varys, Missandei and Tyrion. Mamoa and Clarke were spotted on set together in full costume, has the sun risen in the west or is it just a flashback?

4. Jon Snow Can't Be Dead

Right? Despite the first words of the trailer being 'he's gone', his lifeless body was seen way too many times, noone would lug around a corpse if there wasn't hope for ressurection? Did anyone else see a living breathing Jon Snow in the trailer? "I've never been much of a fighter, apologies for what you're about to see',  says Davos standing beside John's body.

SOURCE: Vanity Fair

5. Melisandre Is Having A Breakdown

She basically admitted that her visions were lies and a load of crap (Fire God where are you?), maybe he's taken on the form of a sloth.

6. Margaery Is Out For Revenge

After supporting her not-so-openly gay brother, the High Pigeon or whatever he's called threw her in jail alongside (though not bunking with) Loras and Cersei, where she basically loses it. But surely it can't be crazier than her role in Elementary as murderous psychopath Irene Adler AKA Moriarty.

7. Euron Greyjoy

And we have a new character who's head gets dunked in water

8. Jaime And Cersei Are Back At It

Everyone's favourite incestuous twins have reignited their love, and they're stronger than ever after the death of Myrcella, they're out for revenge, Jaime promising that everything taken from them, they will take back, forgotten about Brienne have we?

9. Gregor Has Been Zombified

What could go wrong ey? Lancel tells Cersei to back down with her new 'bodyguard', to which she replies, 'I choose violence'.

10. Arya Is Having Trouble Seeing

After going on a wild murderous rampage, killing Meryn Trant, the people who turned her into a killing machine have robbed her of her eye sight, poor Arya. Other than this, things are looking up for the Starks, Jon is technically back, Sansa has a lovely new coat and Bran seems to have regained use of his limbs. Will they unite and re-take Winterfell?

But by far, one of the most shocking things I spotted in the new trailer is this... Tyrion pouring wine back into the bottle. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH OUR FAVOURITE IMP!

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  1. So excited for the new season! They are definitely taking Daenerys back to Vaes Dothrak. And we're finally getting some Kingsmoot action! So excited!!




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