Monday, May 23, 2016

Game Of Thrones: Season Six So Far

We're half way through season six and A LOT has gone down (a lot).  If you aren't up to date please don't read on (spoilers are imminent).

Episode 1

While Ser Davos and a few other Night's watch members stay loyal and guard Jon's corpse, Thorne takes it upon himself to become commander.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

An Interview With Corner Pilots

Ever heard of a band called Corner Pilots? Well if you haven't it's your loss. They're a five piece band from Surrey who play insane rock music and are definitely worth getting to know. You can have a listen to some of their tracks on SoundCloud HERE.

Q. Why did you choose the name Corner Pilots and who came up with it?

A. Our frontman Dan came up with it. We got to a point where we had to be called something when performing and that's the first one he came up with that we liked the sound of
Josh Bennett - Guitarist