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Game Of Thrones: Season Six So Far

We're half way through season six and A LOT has gone down (a lot).  If you aren't up to date please don't read on (spoilers are imminent).

Episode 1

While Ser Davos and a few other Night's watch members stay loyal and guard Jon's corpse, Thorne takes it upon himself to become commander.

Sansa and Theon escape from Ramsay (after having jumped from a wall in the last episode of season 5) and were chased by wolves and men sent by the asshole Bolton. The men catch up with them and as they're about to capture the runaways, our heros Pod and Brienne swoop in and save the day (in a bloody yet majestic way). Brienne swears an oath to protect Sansa, which is word for word the same one she made Sansa's mother, Catelyn.

Jaimie arrives in Kings landing with Myrcella's body (and promises Cersei that they will take revenge) and her betrothed Trystane who is murdered by Obara and Nymeria, two members of the 'Sand Snakes' from Dorne.

Meanwhile, in Dorne, Doran and Areo learn of Myrcella's death and are killed by Ellaria and Tyene, who are now the leaders of Dorne.

With Dany still missing, Varys and Tyrion discover all of the ships in the harbour have been burned. Jorah and Daario carry on following the trail of Danaerys who is in the possession of Khal Moro, after the Dothraki Horde brought her to him.

In Braavos, Arya is still lacking her sight, and is living on the streets as a homeless girl, and is suddenly approached and beaten by the waif.

The most shocking plot line of this episode, is when Melisandre is in her chambers and removes her necklace, revealing herself to be an old woman, the necklace seems to hide her true self, disguising her as a young beautiful woman. Has she discovered the ultimate anti-ageing potion?

Episode 2

In Winterfell, Ramsay learns that Walda has given birth to a baby boy, which he reacts to by killing her, his new born brother, and his father, deeming him now the Lord of Winterfell.

Theon states that he wishes to return to the iron islands to reunite with his father. Unknowingly, Euron Greyjoy (his Uncle) arrives before him and murders King Balon Greyjoy. Brienne also reveals to Sansa that she believes Arya is still alive, but is unaware of her locatiom.

Arya is aain attacked by the Waif, which after Jacqen appears and demands that he follows her.

Tyrion releases the remaining of Dany's dragons from their chains, Rhaegal and Viserion, in on of the most tense scenes of this seaosn yet. The Dragons don't attack him but let Tyrion unshackle them, he's a 'drgon whsiperer' maybe this is a mini confirmation that Tyrion is actuallu a Targaryen?  He also learns that Astapor and Yunkai have been retaken by the slave masters.

In a vsion of the past, Bran visits Winterfell witht the three yed raven, he sees Ned, Benjen and Lyanna Stark, as well as Hodor, who could once talk.

In Kings Landing, Jamie confronts the High Sparrow, whilst Cersei gives Tommen a lesson in how to be strong, at the young Kings request.

At the wall, the Wildlings led by Tormund and Edd imprison Thorne and the other men who betrayed Jon. Melisandre attempts to resurrect Jon Snow, at the request of Davos, it appears to be unsuccessful but once everyone leaves the room, Jon's direwolf (Ghost) awakes from slumber and is quickly followed by Jon taking a desperate breath.

Episode 3

At the beginning of the episode, Jon presents himself to the wildlings and initiates the execution of Thorne, Olly and the other traitors. Jon states that his Watch is over and gives his cloak to Edd, leaving him in charge. Tormund says that his people, The Wildlings believe that Jon is a God, then laughs and adds that if he was a God, he would have a bigger 'Man-hood'.

Sam and Gilly return on a boat to Oldtown where he intends to leave Gilly and Little Sam whilst he will return to Horn Hill (his family home) whilst he trains to be a Maester in order to protect them.

In another vision from the past, Bran sees his father and learns the truth about the death of Ser Arthurt Dayne at the Tower Of Joy in Dorne, who was, in fact, slain by Lord Howland Reed (Jojen and Meera's father) and not Eddard, as Bran previously thought. As Edd is rushing into the castle to see something, the three eyes raven refuses to let Bran follow, promptly forcing him to leave the vision. It is presumed that we learn the answer to this abrupt exit next episode? Maybe my favourite letter oriented theory will come into play?

Daenerys meets the widows of Khal's in Vaes Dothrak and is told she should hope that she is allowed to stay - when a Khal dies, his wife isn't allowed to wander alone, she must go to the other widows- which means she may not be allowed to stay (which she doesn't want anyway). Will her dragons come to her rescue?

Meanwhile, Varys discovers that Yunkai and Volantis (the masters of Astapor) have been financing the Sons of the Harpy's attacks.

Tommen has a conversation about his Mother and Wife with the High Sparrow, who says that Cersei hasn't atoned for her sins. Jaime and Cersei interrupt a meeting of the small council, who say they have no right to be there, they all leave refusing to have a meeting with the Lannisters. Olenna ruins Cersei by stating she isn't the Queen, as she isn't married to her son, Tommen. Olenna then states that her family is confusing as to who is with who (punching at the incestuous relationship between the twins). Also in Kings Landing, Varys' 'little birds' are revealed to be children, bribed by sweets, they were persuaded to work for Cersei using 'Sugar Plums' as a bribe, they seemed extremely scared of The Zombie Version of The Mountain (Jaime is careless and insults The Mountains inteligence).

Arya trains once again with the Waif and has her sight returned to her once finally accepting herself as 'no-one'. When asked about her family, she refers to Jon as her brother, instead of half-brother.

Ramsay is asked for help by Lord Umber, who wants assistance in protecting The North from the Wildlings, being lead by Tormund, he brings Rickon Stark and Osha as a gift for Ramsay.

Episode 4 (My favourite so far)

The reunion that's been anticipated for 5 seasons... Brienne, Podrick and Sansa journey to castle black to see Jon Snow, which is a very emotional scene. (Also I'm pretty sure that Tor has a thing for Brienne).

In Winterfell, Ramsay kills Osha after she attempts to assassinate him and then Ramsay sends a letter to Jon explaining that is Sansa isn't returned to him he will harm Rickon.

In Castle Black, after receiving the letter, the siblings resolve to march upon Winterfell and re-take their home.

In Mereen, Tyrion meets with the slave masters and makes a deal, he offers them peace as long as they end slavery in seven years, enough time for them to establish a new way of earning money, Missandei and Grey Worm are deeply angered by his proposal.

Littlefinger visits his step-son in the Vale and gathers his army, ready to march against Ramsay.
Margaery is permitted to see her brother, Loras, in Kings Landing. Meanwhile Lady Olenna, Jamie and Cersei plot to overthrow the High Sparrow.

After their fathers death, Theon arrives in Pyke and pledges his loyalty to support Yara's claim to the throne at Kingsmoot.

Daario and Jorah arrive at Vaes Dothrak, whence Daario learns of Jorah's greyscale. Daenerys meets with the Khals in the temple of Dosh Khaleen, proposing that she should rule the Dothraki, they laugh in response, and she in turn burns the place down (without the help of her still nowhere-to-be-seen dragons). She emerges from the burning building un harmed and is faced with a crowd of Dothraki bowing to her.

Episode 5

After making us wait, and wonder why Hodor, will say nothing but 'Hodor' we finally learn why, in one of the biggest reveals yet (hopefully the next one will be R+L=J). 

Sansa meets Petyr Baelish who offers his support in taking over Winterfell, she refuses, so he instead informs her that Brynden Tully is preparing an army in Riverrun.

Sansa and Jon leave Castle Black in search f support from other Northern houses, Sansa fashions herself a dress with the a dire wolf on it, and makes Jon a coat, similar to Ned's. Tormund gives Brienne a look to which she turns away, disgusted.

Arya, again, trains with the Waif and is offered a second chance, to which she has to prove her loyalty by killed a theatre actress. She proposes to do so by poisoning the woman's rum. She witnesses the actress on stage, where there is a play dedicated to mocking her family, recreating Ned's beheading.

Beyond the wall, Bran learns from a vision that the children of the forest created white walkers to protect themselves from men.

Euron wins the Kingsmoot after confessing to killing Balon, prompting Theon and Yara to flee, stealing the Kings best ships.

In Dothrak, Jorah confesses his feelings to Dany (Daahrio just third-wheeling), and reveals his greyscale, to which Dany commands him to find a cure for. Tyrion and Varys meet with a red priestess who offers her support for Daenerys.

Bran, whilst everyone is sleeping, decides to have an unaccompanied vision, in which he faces the white walker army, and meets the Night King, who touches him, leaving a mark on Bran (meaning he can find him) putting everyone in danger. (It reminded me of when Jack Sparrow has the black spot in Pirates Of The Caribbean and the Kraken can find him)

The three eyed raven commands everyone to leave. He and Bran go into a vision and whilst they are there the cave is ambushed by the army. This is the first fight between fire (Children of the forest) and ice (The Walkers).

Meera tries to wake Bran up so he can warg into a nervous Hodor. In the vision, Bran can hear Meera's voice telling him what to do. He is in the past with the younger Hodor, and when he wargs into the Hodor that is being attacked by walkers whilst being yelled at by Meera to 'hold the door', the younger Hodor seems to have some sort of seizure and starts yelling 'hold the door' over and over.

 'Hold the door' gradually becomes 'Hodor', and we finally learn what happened to him, and that it was Bran whom unknowingly caused it. In this ambush the Three eyed raven, a few children of the forest, Summer (Bran's dire wolf) and Hodor die.

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  1. I feel like I've forgot everything that's happened in the past seasons, I need to go and watch them again before I watch the new episodes. But this was a nice little spoiler lol.
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