Saturday, June 04, 2016

Cats, Bats, Woodland Walks, And Almost Falling To My Death (And A Lot Of Singing Hamilton)

The Cats

I've always been a dog person, but after meeting this beauty, I am definitely also a cat person. Kat, had two cats in her garden, (one ran off - I'm pretty sure it was scared of us), and we called them Salty Jr and Pepper. Salty was a lovely snow-coloured cat, and looked adorable among a cluster of forget-me-not flowers. We just kept on putting flowers in Kat's hair (it actually looked really lovely).

*Prepare for a spam of cute cat pictures*

The Woodland Walk 

My friends thought it'd be fun to go looking for bats, and personally, I adore bats so I was all up for it. We had to walk through a woodland area with a cute little river flowing through it, lots (and lots) of trees and birds singing.

Jen and Kat
The river

The Almost Falling To My Death (And The Bats)

Which we poked with a stick
Finding the bats required climbing up (what felt like) a cliff face, to an abandoned train station, where there wasn't even any bats, just a rolled up blanket and an empty suitcase.

(I had no idea we'd have to climb, so I wore shoes that have no grip and brought my WHITE polaroid camera which is now covered in mud and scratches).

 I repeat, no bats. We couldn't exactly go back down, it was practically a straight drop down so we had to go up, (when climbing I advise to not grab hold of grass for support - it just comes out of the ground). I almost fell a few times, my shoes have terrible grip. We ended up being incredibly high up (with a beautiful view I might add), it's safe to say that the fear of heights (mainly falling) is still pretty high up on my list of fears.

This is an (admittedly) really bad panorama I took at the top of the second hill we climbed, we were
extremely high up

24 Hours Of Hamilton

And lastly, Hamilton (which is basically a hip-hop/rap version of a play about American History), we listened to nothing else, just this for 24 hours straight. Jen knows the words to the majority of the songs in act one, I've had the songs stuck in my head for days (you can listen to the soundtrack HERE on Spotify). These flowers are forget-me-nots, which is ironic because I CAN'T GET HAMILTON OUT OF MY HEAD! (it's actually a pretty good soundtrack though to be completely honest - thanks guys)

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