Sunday, July 31, 2016

New To The Indie Scene; The Seamonsters and The Barmines

The Sea Monsters

Six Indie glitter Queens from Sheffield, formed the band 'The Seamonsters' in 2013, and this hexa of girls are prime for a UK take-over. Find them on Spotify, YouTube and their Facebook Page.

"We are The Seamonsters, a six piece, all girl, indie-techno-pop band from
Sheffield. The band consists of Naomi Mann, Lauren Smith, Holly Thompson,
Tassie Drobinski, Lydia Wood and Ciara Hurding."


Afraid Of Heights
Ignite The Light
Sunshine Criminal

My favourite song by this angelic band is Wonderland, it's just absolutely hypnotic. You can also download all their recent tracks for free on their Music Glue Web Store.

They're a very Wolf Alice-Esque band, but with their own laid back twist, and an Ellie Rowsell doppelganger. Watch out for The Seamonsters playing live near you, armed with a whole host of energy and free gigs.

Naomi and Tass also recently attended a Catfish and The Bottlemen concert and were lucky enough to meet the boys! (Jealous is an understatement). Follow the band's Instagram for more cool gig snaps.

(P.S. I adore the pink hair)

The Barmines

Four piece Indie Rock band from Leeds have played a whole host of well known venues, including the Sheffield O2 Academy, The Cockpit, Strawberry Fields and Bingley Festival, playing alongside well known bands such as Catfish And The Bottlemen. These guys are soon to be Indie Royalty. Their Debut EP "There's Never Any Romance", was followed by a sold out show at the Cockpit Room 2.

The Barmines playing at The Isle Of Wight
Festival, June 2016

"If you are going to do indie rock, you should know your craft and the barmines do" - Vibrations Magazine Leeds

"The Barmines are steadily and rightly so building up a reputation as one of the hottest bands to come from a current hotbed of Indie music in Leeds" - Emerging North

The bands member's, Rob, Leam, Liam and James, formed the group not long ago, and were quick to release a number of songs. They're a living embodiment of brilliant, this is a band that you have to see live.


These Days&Nights
Sky's The Limit

Check out The Barmines Online StoreSoundcloudYouTube and Instagram.

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