Sunday, September 04, 2016

John Rylands Library

Vintage Vases and Bottles in the Shop
aka the most beautiful building in Manchester. Like seriously. It's basically a museum on the first few floors, with a cute lil shop and cafe on the ground. The highest floor (that you're allowed on) is the reading room, you can sit, bring a laptop, study there, and theres huge books in display cases. It'd also be the perfect place to base GCSE Art and Photography projects on.

On the first floor, there's rooms just filled with books, dating hundreds of years back, theres even fragments of papyrus from around 500AD.

The library actually reminded me a lot of Hogwarts, all the books, dimly lit corridors, stained glass windows and high ceilings with patterns all throughout the bricks.

"The John Rylands Library is a late-Victorian neo-Gothic building on Deansgate in Manchester, England. Thelibrary, which opened to the public in 1900, was founded by Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her husband, John Rylands.

 The building was designed in 1889 by architect Basil Champneys, and took ten years to build. The library was opened to the public on 1st January 1900.

The John Rylands Library has been acclaimed as the best example of neo-Gothic architecture in Europe and is indisputably one of the finest libraries in the world."

The Reading Room

This hall is filled with thousands of books, and is used as an area for local University and College students to study in, it'd take several life times to read all of them. There's also a snazzy little dragon peeking over one of the balconies.

"The John Rylands Library is home to one of the world’s richest and most unique collections - around
1.4 million items spanning over five thousand years and derived from all corners of the world."

I actually wish I was going to college in Manchester, just so I could do my studies in the library. If you ever visited here, you'd be in awe of the collection of books, the antiques, and the sheer size and complexity of the architecture in the building. If you're ever in Manchester, you have to visit this place.

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