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Neighbourhood Festival 2017

Me n the gals
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Neighbourhood Festival 2016 was absolutely insane (I still have the wristband on - oops) - and not all the good kind. It was infuriatingly busy and I couldn't get in to see all the bands that I wanted to (The Pigeon Detectives and Liam Fray's acoustic set), my only hope was that this year would be a little more organised, and that I'd get to see everyone that I wanted to.

The bands I set out to see were;

Oddity Road
No Hot Ashes
Black Honey
The Big Moon
Declan Mckenna

The bands I saw;

Oddity Road
Black Honey
Me and Liam Fray
Declan Mckenna

Unfortunately I missed No Hot Ashes because the queue for Peace was insane and I didn't want to chance not getting in to see them, I missed The Big Moon for a similar reason (to get into Mckenna) but it's chill because I've seen them live before and met them. Jaws was absolutely packed and we were turned away from the venue which I'm insanely gutted about. If the set times didn't clash I would've loved to see Superfood, Rat Boy, The Strypes, The Amazons, The View, Darlia, Inheaven, Anteros and High Tyde too, ah if only time travel were a thing, but alas -  it is not.

But the bands I did see were amazing, on the way out from Trash we bumped into Rat Boy and I got a picture with Jordan !! (Not gonna lie I cried a lot afterwards and I would put the picture on here but I look like an absolute melon).

Me, Alana, Lottie n Liv waiting
for Peace to come on at
Albert Hall
 I'd been waiting to see Peace for what feels like forever- they're one of my favourite bands and they haven't toured for a good few years. They put on the greatest show and the crowd was mental, I was absolutely star-struck because when I was watching Peace I was stood next to Charlie (from Blossoms) and LIAM FRAY! Rat Boy (minus Jordan) were also sat in the VIP section which meant I didn't manage to get a picture with them sadly. Due to the drummer being injured, The Maccabee's drummer joined the guys on stage to help out (which was really cool).
Meeting Liam was one of the best experiences of my life, I've tried to see The Courteeners live so many times but either haven't been able to get tickets or have had to sell them due to illness.

Black Honey gave me actual goosebumps, hearing 'Spinning Wheel' live was unreal, it's the first song of theirs that I ever heard and the crowd was immense, it was the best atmosphere I've ever experienced at a gig.
The only semi-decent picture I got of Peace

Declan Mckenna's intimate set was so beautiful, he put on the greatest show and Tom Ogden from Blossoms joined him on stage for a song, and during 'Brazil' Mckenna crowd surfed. I can safely say that NBHD 2017 was a trillion times better than last year (obviously due to the fact I managed to sneak two packets of party rings into Gorilla).

Roll on Neighbourhood Festival 2018! (Last year the pre-sale early bird tickets went up around a week after the festival so keep an eye out).

Me, Charlie Salt and Alana
<Please excuse my face>

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