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2017: The Year Of The Photographer

2017 has been eventful, in the best way possible, from meeting new people, to rekindling old friendships, to meeting someone special and working with some of my favourite musicians - 2017 had it all.

So let's work chronologically.


I finally saw some of my favourite bands live - Two Door Cinema Club, Sundara Karma and Anteros!


I completely changed up my look, I cut off my hair into a short bob (got rid of the blue and purple dip-dye) and got a fringe! It was a transformation and a half.


I met one of my best friends (Josie) for the first time and we had a lovely little adventure into Salford, went to the lads club and the respective Smiths 'museum', and visited Morrissey's childhood home.

My favourite band Motopony also agreed to do an E-interview with me and I actually cried, it was phenomenal and incredibly exciting.


I turned 17!


This was the month where I realised that I was actually semi-suceeding at something in my life. Along with my best gal photographer in tow, the two of us worked with Blaenavon and The Big Moon (Jos doing photography - me doing the write up) and both bands let us stay back after their in-store show and do a little photoshoot with them!


I met Kate Nash in Manchester at her in store at COW, and because I was working during the day, Jos and Ella got Kate to sign my CD and Art book (which she had a flick through and said she really liked!!) I also met my wife for the first time this month (ily Alana).


I took my lovely little angel Lauren to Nexus Art Cafe for her birthday brunch, and then we just so happened to meet Robbie Williams (who is an absolute prick)!

I worked with Will Joseph Cook, and my photographer gal Josie went along to the gig to take photographs of the night!

On the 16th, I conducted my first in-person interview with the band 'All us on drugs' and it was so amazing! The day after, I was invited to No Hot Ashes' concert to be a music journalist for the event, after which we (myself and Ella) were invited back stage with the guys to pop champagne and say hi!


My first gig with Alana! The clear green guys invited me along to their set at Sonder Fest, to cover the event on my blog and it was a night and a half.

On the 24th I also had my first squad outing with Alana and Shea and now I honestly couldn't live without them.

July was also the month of the Joy Division exhibition at Manchester's Art gallery and it was oh-so emotional. (Ft Josie, Amelia n Alana)


One of the most unbelievable nights of my life belonged to August. I was invited by Skating Polly to cover their gig at Manchester's Ritz where they just happened to be supporting Kate Nash (it was so amazing) and the lead singer even recognised me from Instagram, I was shook.

This month I also went on NCS, and met a lot of wonderful people, it was a great experience, and going on holiday with one of my closest friends (Bex) was so much fun.

(I also dyed my hair blue)


Mine and Alana's first Ikea date and domestic disputes was and experience and a half.

The start of a new college year. Was I excited? No. Had I picked the hardest subjects and was already feeling the pressure? Affirmative.

8th September - my first time as a music journalist at a concert with a professional camera, working with Ian Sweet and Girlpool was absolutely amazing.

22nd September - ME AND ALANA WENT TO SEE KING NO ONE OMG IT WAS AMAZING, I absolutely loved it and was definitely one of the best gigs of the year, and being invited along by Raffer to do photography? Mindblowing.

This month was also the one where I met  two of my now bestfriends (Chloe) and re-connected with a friend I knew in primary school (my lovely lil Lauren).


I worked with my most famous band to date - Wolf Alice ! Accompanied by Jos, I did photography for the guys, saw them perform an acoustic set, got my vinyl signed and even did a lil interrogation with Joff.

7th October - NBHD Festival. What. A. Day. I met Liam Fray, Charlie Salt and the whole of the Ratboy gang and I was left speechless (and crying a little bit) and I saw my favourite bands live - Black Honey, Peace and Declan Mckenna (oh and I was reunited with Lottie and Liv and made a lot of new friends which was lovely).

14th October - Clear Green !!!

23rd October - An absolutely mind blowing night, because I was an official photographer for Declan Mckenna and FEET! WTF??? It was an amazing night and I loved it a LOT.

30th October - Gals trip to Blackpool! With Lauren, Chlo, Liv n Niamh!

Halloween night - I met a lot of lovely people at Amelia's party, got reunited with my fave south Manchester gal (Alex), it was a v special night.


Wolf Alice round two (with Ella) ft Superfood and Sunflower Bean.

I went on a lovely freezing cold adventure into Rochdale and ended up at a random canal with my boyo.

21st November - Okay so if you read my last post you know how completely in love with Nina Nesbitt I was in high school, so being asked by her manager to do photography for her Manchester gig? I actually cried. It was an amazing night to spend with one of my best gals Chlo.

25th November - John Bishop!!!


3rd December - I went to see James Acaster with my gal Bex, where she exposed me for being socially awkward and James called me a creep, but I met him afterwards and he was really lovely.

13th December - After the gig in June was postponed, I finally saw the love of my life, Jimmy Carr, live and in person from the third row - it was amazing.

15th December - My boy Sam took me to see Peter Hook and it was such an amazing night, and a huge step in my recovery, hearing Isolation live was absolutely phenomenal.

Sam and I
Alana, Me and Shea

Thank you everyone for an amazing 2017, I've met so many amazing people and I wouldn't change a second of it, and a huge thanks to everyone who's supported me and my blog this year - see you all in 2018, I have a lot more exciting things planned!!

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